We miss not seeing our club members engage in Table
Tennis. First and foremost we must be safe. So many miss
the opportunity to play. Your elected Board members are
also very supportive of finding a way to stay healthy and
get exercise, stay engaged, and stay fit.
For those who are interested, Pickleball is open daily
at 8:00am. In summer, this is a game that needs to be
played early morning before the heat and/or humidity
becomes prohibitive. Anyone looking for some exercise
or interested in learning the game can show up or call
Ralph Saxe at (954) 205-0779 with any questions.
Also for those who are interested, the Broward Table
Tennis Club in Dania Beach is open for business, but you
need to reserve a time and you pay. Look up their web
site and you can see, on the right side of the screen, a list
of precautions and requirements they use.