We know that it is an unrealistic dream, but most of
our Musical Theatre members live past 90. Having
something to look forward to each day’s rehearsals,
practicing our choreography, memorizing a few lyrics
and socializing three times a week, sustain our minds
and bodies. We are looking forward to starting our new
program this summer.
We are a small group of “theater people” that just enjoy
participating in these activities. We are looking for
many new like-minded people to join us. Whatever your
background or ability, WE WANT YOU!! If you’ve ever
had the inclination to be on stage, backstage or building
a stage, it would be so wonderful to have you as part
of our troupe. Please keep looking in the KINGS POINT
paper for further updates as to when we will be able
to see the curtain go up again. Ron Pollack President &
Elyse Blum Vice President.