Kings Knights Lodge Knights of Pythias is a fraternal Organization built on the principals of friendship, charity and benevolence.

With encouragement from President Abraham Lincoln, believing in our Principals as a calming effect during the civil war the first Pythian lodge was founded in the city of Washington February 19, 1864. We are the only Fraternal Organization that was charted by an act of congress.

Kings Knights Lodge, which meets right here in Kings Point in Tamarac is considered one of the finest lodges in the state of Florida.  The close bond of friendship we have for each other and through our charitable endeavors and our involvement in the community we help those in need.  We are very proud of what we stand for and we do.  We are now opening up our membership to women.

Join our lodge and you too can be proud to be a Pythian brother and a Pythian Lady.

For Information about membership:

Please call- Joe Freiman (954) 718-5566