The Kings Point Billiard Club holds pool tournaments on
virtually every Thursday night from 6:00pm to closing in
the Billiard Room during the fall, winter and spring (we
rest in the summer – see the Bulletin Board in the Billiard
Room for schedule details). Tournament sign-up starts at
6:00pm on Thursday night and Tournament play starts at
6:30pm. Different games are played each week, e.g.
Straight Pool one week and 6-Ball the next week, etc.
We play with three groups of players, Level 1, Level
2 and Level 3 to give more people a chance to win
prizes. Tournament entry is only $3 for Level 1, and $2
for Levels 2 and 3. The first four finishers in each level,
each week, win a share of the entry money as a prize,
e.g. 40% for 1st – 30% for 2nd – 20% for 3rd and 10%
for 4th. All are welcome to play.

Come and join us.
Any questions, please call the President, Fred McEnany
(Mac) at (954) 253-0805.