The SLED Club continues to offer its members many
learning and social opportunities through both live and
recorded Zoom programs. While we cannot meet in
person, we can learn and thrive virtually through the
power of technology. We invite you to join us. Zoom
Meeting ID’s and Passwords are provided prior to the
events to current SLED Members via e-mail.
Wednesday, February 3rd, 1:00pm, Dish & Dish,
SLED’s long-standing interactive program, but without the
shared food!
And don’t forget to have a non-political article or topic
to share! Please email either Maxine Silva (maxinesilva@ or Elaine Gaidemak (elainegaidemak@ to sign up. The Zoom link, meeting ID and
Password will be emailed before the event.
Thursday, February 4th, 1:00pm, SLED General Meeting,
SLED will be looking toward the coming months, as we
enter new opportunities in 2021. Special guest speaker
is Michelle Gomez, our diligent advocate and Mayor
of Tamarac – She will be keeping us informed as to the
current COVID data and the ongoing projects for the
future of Tamarac.
Thursday, February 11th, 1:00pm Harry Getzov, our
SLED favorite entertainment storyteller brings us “Barry
Manilow” who is known as “The Man Who Writes the
Barry Manilow is a song writer – singer, arranger,
musician, producer and actor. His career spanned more
than 50 years. Barry’s hit recordings include “Could
It Be Magic,” “Mandy,” “I Write the Songs,” “Can’t
Smile Without You” and “Copacabana At the Copa.”
He recorded and released 51 Top 40 singles on the
Chart, including 13 that hit number one, 28 appeared
within the top ten, and 36 in the top twenty. Manilow
has released 13 platinum and six multi-platinum albums.
Do not miss this event as Harry makes Barry Manilow’s
music and back story come to life.
Friday, February 12th, 3:30pm – Ageless Face Yoga
How does Ageless Face Yoga work? Join Erika for an
hour of laughter, special breathing exercise and good
movements to rejuvenate and renew! In facial fitness
classes you’ll learn to “wake up the sleeping muscles
in your face” which improve tone. “Relax your facial
muscles, especially your over[worked] muscles which
cause wrinkles.” To smooth wrinkles and firm up saggy
spots. You will be given face yoga exercises. You might
feel silly making these faces at first, but the results speak
for themselves.
Tuesday, February 16th, 1:00pm: Leon Weissberg – The
Emancipation Proclamation. Join us to explore if it was
what Americans believed it to be. On September 22,
1862, President Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary
Emancipation Proclamation, which declared that as
of January 1, 1863, all enslaved people in the states
currently engaged in rebellion against the Union “shall
be then, thenceforward, and forever free.”
Revisit the purpose that Lincoln scribed this proclamation
and how it actually affected the slaves of the South just
short of giving them their freedom.
Dr. Leon Weissberg is a Master Teacher providing
workshops, seminars and courses. His educational
career has spanned a number of institutions having
provided those institutions with incredible growth and
development over three decades in South Florida. He is
a graduate of the City College of New York, holds four
advanced degrees including a Doctorate in Educational
Leadership and a Masters in Jewish Studies. Born in a
Displaced Persons’ Camp in Germany, Leon has always
made Holocaust studies an integral part of his learning
and teaching. Among his degrees and courses of study
he is a recent graduate of the Yad Vashem Summer
Jewish Educators Seminar on Holocaust Studies.
Wednesday, February 17th, 1:00pm Book Discussion
on American Princess by Stephanie Marie Thornton.
Alice may be Theodore Roosevelt‘s daughter, but she’s
nobody’s darling. As bold as her signature color Alice
Blue, the gum-chewing, cigarette-smoking, pokerplaying
First Daughter discovers that the only way for a
woman to stand out in Washington is to make waves—
oceans of them. With the canny sophistication of the
savviest politician on the Hill, Alice uses her celebrity
to her advantage, testing the limits of her power and
the seductive thrill of political entanglements. This is a
raucous anthem to a remarkable woman.
Please email either Maxine Silva (maxinesilva@hotmail.
com) or Elaine Gaidemak (
Tuesday, February 23th 7:00pm In the Loop. Read any
good books? Eat any good food? Watch any good
shows? Let’s enlarge each other’s horizons by sharing
what’s GOOD and keep SLED members “In the Loop” in
a monthly ZOOM chat.
Thursday, February 25th 7:00pm – GAME NIGHT
Enjoy a FUN NIGHT of Musical Jukebox BINGO with
Marc Winstock. (The Game Spin Master).
Pre-register is required to get your ZOOM Game Cards.
Songs, Fun and Prizes are waiting for you.
Please e-mail and sign up two weeks before the event.
The Zoom link, meeting ID and Password will be emailed
before the event.