This month some of us tried performing via zoom. We
were very happy to be able to get together to see and
hear each other even though, we like the old fashioned
method better. Using the zoom sounds like an easy, fun,
way to communicate however, it takes time and patience
to learn the process of using it. If you are invited to join
a meeting you are sent a link. You click on the link and
hopefully can enter… Sometimes you need to wait in a
zoom waiting room until your host (the group leader) lets
you in. This can be frustrating!! Once allowed in you
need to look for the little picture of a microphone. The
mic may have a line across it (oh my, what next)… click
on it. Hooray! Now you can hear what is going on.
What? They can’t see me. All together yell, “turn on your
camera.” Look for the little picture that looks something
like it. When you are hosting for a group it is quite
different, especially until you truly know what you are
doing. Open your mic, turn on your camera, admit the
people waiting to come in, advise those who can’t do
the above on how to do it, Let in late comers, whoops!
The phone starts to ring… people don’t know how to
get in. Everyone wants to assist. Now time to mute
everyone’s mic because they may not remember how
to unmute themselves. Okay, finally settling down can
get started now. “OH, know, not now, only ten minutes
left before they shut us down.” Time to sing “OH WHAT

For information, call Evelyn
(954) 720-5465. Can’t wait to do it again!