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To access Membership Information you will be required to register, which will allow you to create your own unique username and password for the site.

Each member’s home will be restricted to one username and password.

Registration / Validation Process:

1. Enter the First Name or Last Name of a legal owner of the unit.
Example: (Michael or Tina or Goldstein)
2. Enter the First Letter of the name of your neighborhood + your building letter combined.
Example: (S= First letter of Southampton Neighborhood,  (J=Building J in the Southampton Neighborhood)

3. Enter the 1-3 digit apartment number or parking space number. (515)

*Lombardy and Malvern Unit Owners – Please refer to your KPIT ID Card for this information*
Once validation is completed you will be prompted to create your username and password and provide the email address of person registered.

After a successful registration, you will be prompted to login, making all member information available to you.