Another reminder about membership dues: If you
renewed your dues for 2020 you do not have to renew
in 2021. If you did not renew in 2020 and wish to
participate in any planned KPVC activity you will have
to renew your membership. If you wish to renew, please
contact our Treasurer, Sharon Borner by phone at (954)
932-9375 or email at to arrange
payment and get a new membership card.
Our KPVC Podcast broadcast is still available online at
this computer URL address: https://kingspointsocial.
com/culture-club-interview-07-28-2020. The Podcast is
also available to individual KPVC members who may
wish to share any of their military experience with our
club. As the Secretary for our Board of Directors, I plan
to relate some of my experience and we encourage any
other KPVC member to do so as well. To arrange an
appointment for a personal podcast at the Kings Point
clubhouse, please contact Mr. Raul Vargas at (786)
We are continuing to provide informational robocalls to
advise our members of planned activities. Kings Point
Veterans Club – Board of Directors.