Dear friends and neighbors we hope you are well and are
coping with the trials caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Currents events will be back when the Clubhouse opens.
The rules for holding meetings will be as defined by the
appropriate authorities. We will look somewhat different
while we regroup but assure you all that our meetings
will be at least as vibrant and informative as before.
Our Moderators, Sol, Jerry, Joe, Chuck, Caroline, Norm,
Brian, Alton, and Charlie have been keeping in practice
weekly online and can’t wait for more inclusive in
presence meetings with all our diverse membership. For
all those that have that have not experienced a Current
Event meeting you will be exposed to today’s opinions
and facts that will be provided by interesting and
intelligent members of our community, to an appreciative
and extraordinarily informative audience.
We have greatly missed our weekly encounters and we
will be together soon. Till then stay safe, wear masks
when required and keep social distances. Call me or
email me if you have any questions or just want to share
comments to any of us. Jerry Heller (954) 937-2698 WE LOOK FORWARD TO