A City within a City!

Kings Point In Tamarac offers an alluring lifestyle suitable for Kings and Queens. This luxurious, active senior community is complete with 13 beautiful neighborhoods, 4,869 units of spacious Condominiums, Villas and Coach Homes with tranquil lake views and numerous amenities.

Centrally located North of Mc Nab Road; West of Pine Island Road and east of the Sawgrass Expressway; we are convenient to Ft. Lauderdale Beaches, Shopping, and Major Highways.

Clubhouse Rules

Use of the Recreation Area is restricted to Members and their authorized guests only.  One important reason for purchasing a residence in Kings Point was the recreational and community services that are provided.  It is the goal of your Board of Directors to insure that our facility continues to provide the variety and quality of activities we currently receive.  While we do not want to limit Member’s enjoyment, we recognize that rules are necessary to maintain order and ensure that all our residents have access to our facilities.  The following rules are being established to ensure we maintain an enjoyable, but orderly, environment in Kings Point.


1.  In order to insure Members enjoyment of the Recreation Area (Clubhouse, Palace, Tennis Courts, Outdoor Pool, Parking Lots and Administration Building) all persons using the Facilities shall conduct themselves in a courteous manner with due regard for the rights of others to use and enjoy the Facilities.

2. ID cards must be presented at manned entrance doors at all times.  (ID passes should be swiped at all electronically controlled doors/gates).

3. All Members and their guests using the Recreation Area will follow the instructions and decisions of management and staff regarding the use of the facilities.
4. All members and their guests using the Recreation Area will comply with instructions, directions, or requests received from management, staff, or security.  A violation of the rules will result in a warning.  A second violation will result in imposition of a
$5.00 fine.  Failure to pay the fine will result in a five days suspension of clubhouse privileges until paid.

5. Members who physically or verbally abuse other members or staff (for example; use of profane or derogatory language) will have clubhouse privileges suspended for two weeks.  If requested, fine & suspension will be deferred pending a hearing before the Grievance Committee.  It is the responsibility of the aggrieved to request a hearing before the Grievance Committee. 

6. Supplemental rules and regulations may be posted by Management in specific areas as needed.  All Members and their guests will be responsible for reading and abiding by them.  Rules and regulations that are posted in any particular area, room or facility, will control the use thereof and shall be deemed supplemental to the rules and regulations herein enumerated. 

7. Members seeking to enter the Clubhouse who forget their ID will first have to be verified as valid Members and pay a non-refundable $3.00 daily fee.  Likewise, Members seeking to enter the Palace who forget their ID’s will first have to be verified as valid Members and pay the $1.00 daily fee.

8. Replacement of a lost ID will be $25.00.  In those cases where loss of an ID was caused by an event that resulted in filing of a police report there will be NO charge for replacing the ID.  A copy of the police report is required to be provided.

9. Persons wanting to become a domicile resident must first contact their property manager’s office and go through the same process as unit owners & lessees.

10. If an ID card appears to be invalid (does not register when scanned), the card is to be taken by the Greeter, and the member will be escorted to the administration office to verify/replace the card.  If entry to the clubhouse is after hours or on the weekend, the Greeter will permit entry, but will keep the card and request the member go to the administration office on the next business day to reclaim the card.


1. Clubhouse guests may enter only through the front door.  Palace Theater guests will be permitted to enter through both the front or VIP doors.  No guest under the age of 18 will be permitted in the Clubhouse, Palace, Tennis Courts or Outdoor Pool, except as permitted in Paragraph 3E below.

2. The number of guests permitted into the Facility at any given time may be limited as needed by management.

3. The following fees are hereby established for guests:
A. Daily fee for attending clubhouse use is $3.00.
        B.  Guest fee for attending either the Palace or Clubhouse events   remain $1.00.
        C.  Thirty (30) day fee for guests who live more than 25 miles from Kings Point is $10.00.  The guest must prove out of area  residence with a valid, government issued picture ID.
D.  Single Members may continue to bring in one guest at no  fee.  (NOTE limitation below)
E. Members may bring relatives/friends to tour the clubhouse at no charge.  The member will pay the $3.00 fee when entering.       
 The fee will be refunded if the guest exits the clubhouse within one hour. Children under the age of 18 may accompany parent/grandparents on tours of the clubhouse/ theater. Tour guests may NOT use the facility. Tour guests  will not be permitted in the Palace when in use.
F.  A $1.00 fee will continue to be charged for non-resident members attending meetings of Clubs/Organizations that pay a room rental fee.  The same fee applies for guests.

4. Guests will not be permitted to wait in the Clubhouse for a Member.  Guests must wait with their sponsoring member at the greeter’s station to receive their daily passes whether the pass is being purchased or given to a guests Member. 

5. All guests must present a valid picture ID (Driver’s License or Florida Identification Card) showing their current address.

6. Guests who leave the Clubhouse and return later in the day must enter with their sponsoring member and must show their valid picture ID along with their daily pass.

7. Kings Point Homeowners who did not purchase an Agreement for Deed to KPIT will NOT be permitted in the clubhouse or theater as a fee paid guest, or accompanying a single resident member.  The only exception to the rule is to allow their attendance at their Condominium, Homeowners Association, or Neighborhood Association meetings.

8. ID’s and guest passes will be randomly checked throughout the day and evening.  Any guest that does not have a valid pass must identify their sponsoring Member.  The Member and guest must immediately go to the greeter’s station to purchase a daily guest pass.  If the Member refuses to purchase the guest pass his/her guest must immediately leave the facility.  Guest’s playing cards or mah jongg must be in the same game as their sponsoring resident.

9. Members may only purchase Palace show tickets for guests, for shows they are attending.

10. Members may purchase Palace show tickets for guests for all listed shows immediately after distribution of advance sale tickets.


1. Clubhouse rooms and facilities will be used only for their intended purpose.

2. Food or beverages are permitted only in the Cabaret and Kings Café in the clubhouse and designated meeting rooms in the Kings Court.  FOOD OR BEVERAGES ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE PALACE THEATRE WITH THE EXCEPTION OF BOTTLED WATER.

3. Clubhouse hours are 7:00am to 11:00pm MON-THURS., and 7:00am to 10:00pm, FRI.-SUN.  Management may revise the hours as conditions warrant.  The last Trolley will leave the facility 30 minutes prior to Clubhouse closing.  On show nights, the last Trolley will leave the Palace within 30 minutes after the end of the show.
4. All Members and guest shall behave in a reasonable manner. Abusive language or actions will result in disciplinary action by the staff and/or management.

5. Member and guests attending paid performances at the Palace willnot be admitted if they are wearing shorts, t-shirts, or tank tops at anytime. Shorts are permissble at movie performances only atanytime. T-shirts and tank tops are unsuitable attire.

6. Tank tops or bathing suits may not be worn in any area of the clubhouse except in the gym or swimming pool area after 6 p.m.  Wearing of bathrobes is not permitted in any area of the Clubhouse except the swimming pool area at any time.  Members and guests entering the clubhouse after 6:00PM must wear proper attire while transiting the lobby.

7. In order to reduce disruption for performers and seated patrons, members and/or guests arriving at the theater after the start of a show shall sit at the rear of the theater until the opening act is completed.  In the event the performance is sold out, ushers shall escort late arriving patrons to their seats as soon as it is possible.


1. Overnight parking is permitted only in designated parking spots in the South Parking Lot.

2. Only Members are permitted to park overnight.

3. Individual Members who require overnight parking permits must arrange through the Social Department two weeks in advance in order to complete the appropriate forms.  They need to provide the dates they will be parking and the name of the bus service company along with the Certificate of Insurance.  The Social Department will issue an overnight parking permit upon completion and receipt of the necessary documents. The
requesting Member will be notified when the parking passes are available.